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patient sharing her story in group therapy while others are clapping for her

Intensive In-Community Services are flexible, multi-purpose, in-home/community clinical support for parents/caregivers/guardians and children/youth with behavioral and emotional challenges who are receiving case management, MRSS, or Out-of-home services. The purpose of these interventions is to strengthen the family, to provide family stability and to preserve the family constellation in the community setting. These services are flexible both as to where and when they are provided based on the family’s needs. They may be provided as a component of the mobile Response Stabilization System. This family-driven treatment is based on targeted needs as identified in the ISP/ICP treatment plan. The ISP/ICP/treatment plan also includes specific interventions(s) with target dates for accomplishment of goals that focus on the restorative functioning of the child/youth with the intention of:

  • Stabilizing the child/youth’s behavior(s) that led to the crisis
  • Preventing/reducing the need for inpatient hospitalization,
  • Preventing the movement of the child/youth’s residence
  • Preventing the need for out-of-home living arrangements.

The services provided will also facilitate a child/youth’s transition from an intensive treatment setting back to his/her community. They are designed to be time limited in nature with the objective of helping the youth and family transition to longer term community based mental health services which are congruent with their treatment needs when needed. Interventions will be delivered with the goal of diminishing the intensity of treatment over time. The following are some of the possible interventions that may be implemented.:

A. Individual and family therapy
B. Clinical consultation/evaluation
C. Child/Youth behavioral management
D. Family counseling/psychoeducation
E. Allied Therapies
F. Behavioral Assistance

Intensive-In Community Programs require the provision of an array of services delivered to the child/youth and his/her family by a community-based, mobile, multidisciplinary tam of professions and paraprofessionals. Services are designed to be maximally flexible in supporting the child/youth and his/her parents/guardians/caregivers at the time of day when the services are most needed and when the family may be most receptive to therapeutic intervention and skills training.

Services are designed to meet the unique needs of the child/youth, based on his/her cultural values and norms and to use the inherent strengths of the family in the treatment process.