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Behavioral Assistance are specific, outcome-oriented interventions that are components of an approved, written, detailed plan of care prepared by a licensed clinical behavioral healthcare practitioner. Behavioral Assistance is a dynamic process of Intervention and ongoing evaluation resulting in effective modification of a child/youth’s identified behavior(s)

Behavioral Assistance services involve applying positive behavioral principles within the community using culturally based norms to foster behaviors that are rehabilitative and restorative in nature. The intervention should result in sustainable positive behavioral changes that improve functioning, enhance the quality of life and strengthen sills in a variety of life domains including but not limited to:
1. Physical and mental well being
2. Interpersonal communications and relationships
3. Socialization behaviors and activities;
4. Behavioral conduct
5. Adaptive coping strategies and behaviors

A Behavioral Assistance plan is designed to target specific behaviors that are interfering with a child/youth’s functioning and impeding his/her development. This plan is based on a comprehensive behavioral assessment completed by a licensed behavioral healthcare practitioner.

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