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Supportive counseling approach for families.
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At Choice Counseling Services, we recognize the need for child, youth, and parent counseling because family is the basic unit of a community and we are part of that community. We understand that families raising children with emotional, behavioral, learning, or developmental challenges need extra support. Our goal is to meet the unique needs of youths and adolescents facing Intellectual/Developmental, Psychological, mental health and behavioral challenges.

Our Mission

Every one matters. We are committed to help individuals and youths thrive utilizing their inherent strengths and values to help them get to where they want to be, from where they are presently at.

Our Professionals

Our highly skilled consultants work together with you to explore and identify the root cause of your presenting issues. They are solution focused, compassionate, and they practice positive psychology. Clinicians listen intently while developing a therapeutic alliance with each individual and families, and they stay abreast of current practices and research in the field, carefully utilizing collaboratively developed goals, and relevant theoretical approaches.

Our Consultants Core Competency
Crisis Intervention
Brief counseling/Therapy
Mobile Therapy
Biopsychosocial Assessment