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Our therapists are experienced and knowledgeable in addressing psychological, developmental, mental, and behavioral challenges that may be affecting your daily life. At Choice Counseling Services, we strive to create a safe and comfortable therapeutic space for our clients to address these issues. Our treatments and approaches are holistic and eclectic, and we work together with clients to tailor interventions specific to their needs.

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Are you experiencing dis-equilibrium in your personal life, relationships, or as a parent? Choice Counseling Services therapists are here to help you regain balance and get back on track with your journey.

Choice Counseling Services is a counseling service located in Mount Laurel Township, New Jersey. Our therapists are experienced and knowledgeable about the psychological, developmental, mental, and behavioral challenges and issues that people experience which may be affecting their daily lives. We offer a wide range of services including in home and in office therapy sessions.

We are Arc and Arc Grow trained!!: Our Consultants work with everyone in the family while treating traumatic stress in children and adolescents. Arc Grow intervention enhances resilient outcomes for families who are impacted by chronic adversity or stress.

We are Nurtured Heart Approach trained: Utilizing the NHA relationship system, we teach strategies and assist caregivers to acquire skills to energize and recognize their child's successes and to avoid inadvertently energising the experiences of failure..The result..confidence and competency building in the child.

Parents, foster parents, educators, treatment professionals, and child advocates-Looking to be NHA trained? Contact us for a free 1hr session. The session will be conducted by a Certified Nurtured Heart Approach Trainer,

Faith Based Counseling: Are you a Christian looking for Christian Counseling from a Biblical Framework? Our faith based Clinicians are practicing Christians are available to provide mental health/psychological services from biblical perspectives.

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to helping individuals/youths achieve personal growth and emotional stability by creating contexts in which they can thrive. We work together with all systems partners, utilizing a strength-based approach to help children and families reach their full potential.

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